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belonging | a handwritten font

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Inspired by the reality of The Only Hope in life and death – to belong to Jesus Christ – 'Belonging' is an original handwritten font, styled after my own handwriting.

For all those lost and longing for a place at the table, for those beloved by The Lord and for all those He calls, that you might finally belong. For His glory forever.

Originally designed as a lowercase-only font, the product contains the following:

  • belonging regular (this is lowercase only, no punctuation or numbers)
  • belonging revisited (this is the regular font, including caps)
  • belonging svg (this is the regular font as an svg; the font is not a vector, but raster; it's rough, but works best at a small size)
  • belonging alt (this has caps from the revisited version, updated to include alternate lowercase letters)
  • belonging part 2 (this includes the uppercase letters from revisited and the alternative lowercase letters from alt)
  • belonging restored (this is the revisited version, including numbers and punctuation... PLEASE NOTE, this version is the ONLY one with numbers and punctuation)

previews include: 1. hallelujah serif, 2. wild: mock-ups, 3. shadows | grit+grain, 4. dust+dirt | speckles+noise (available in store)

You will get a ZIP (2MB) file

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