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oh, hello there

Oh hello there fellow dreamer,

I’ve been waiting for you.

It’s funny, isn’t it? That so often the birthing of dreams requires more than just us being ready for them... And so we wait. We wait for others to be ready; seeking them out, while staying silent; hoping that somewhere, someone will call us out of the shadows into those spaces our hearts are aching for and into the light we know we were made for.

But what if today were different? What if we took a step of faith, out beyond the shallows of our comfort zones and perceived limitations and just started, believing that the time to come “that moment we've been waiting for“ is right now?

The truth is we hesitate because of fear and uncertainty, wandering back and forth in our hearts; wrecked over and over by the belief that we are not enough and that perfection is essential for us to begin.

But that it a lie.

You and I both have all we need to start; all that we need to move forward in that big dream of ours - even if just in some small, ground-breaking-preparing-the-dirt kinda way.

You are already enough to do this thing. You have nothing to lose, nothing to prove and nothing to fear. 

So why not start? Today.

We can do it together.

(PS: That's why Heart+Soul Studios exists: to encourage and equip you to do that big thing. This is me starting and if you're up for more of the above, let's be friends. DMs are open on insta and on site. You don't have to dream alone.)