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write it down.

Write it down.

The vision, that is. Write it down. That thing – that dream you’ve been carrying for so long. Put pen to page and heart to words and articulate to yourself this thing within you.

Because dreams stay dormant while they’re in your head.

Actions behind words and vision become possibility and clarity combined with movement becomes reality.

What is it you carry within you? What smouldering embers need to be blown on by the assurance of vision written down, so the haze comes into focus and the certainty ensures a concrete to build upon (or under… foundations first)?

Please. For both our sakes, write it down.

We can work out how to get there, but where the vision remains a dream lost within the haze of your thoughts, how can it become the more you’re aching it will be?

Write it down.

I’m rooting for you.